Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Cancer to Confidence

 What would you consider a normal birthday celebration?

Wake up in the morning, check Facebook to see the 200 "Happy Birthday" wall posts (half of the posts come from people you haven't spoke to in at least 5 years). You follow checking Facebook up with going to work, school, or maybe like a lot of people neither because the economy sucks and you are stuck at home. Once the afternoon rolls in you may check Facebook again, open your mail to see if your grandma sent you a crisp $20, possibly receive some presents from family and friends, go out for a birthday dinner, grab a birthday cocktail, and finally wrap things up with some cancer.


You heard me, cancer.

Take a second, close your eyes. I want you to envision the birthday celebration I carefully laid out for you in the above paragraph. Now try and predict how you would react if you opened the next birthday card after your sweet Grandma's and it read,

"Happy Birthday, You have cancer."
On April 20, 2009 Shaun turned 29. He also was diagnosed with cancer. 

Shaun was told by his Doctor that he had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

 This is how it works:

CLL causes a slow increase in white blood cells called B lymphocytes, or B cells. The cancerous cells spread from the blood marrow to the blood, and can also affect the lymph nodes or other organs such as the liver and spleen.

CLL eventually causes the bone marrow to fail.

The cause of CLL is unknown.

There is no link to radiation, cancer-causing chemicals, or viruses.

This cancer mostly affects adults, around age 70. It is rarely seen under age 40. The disease is more common in Jewish people of Russian or East European descent
(U.S. National Library of Medicine).

YouTime: When you were officially told that you were diagnosed 
                  with cancer, what went through your mind?

Shaun: I couldn't stop thinking about chemotherapy, losing my
             hair, and dying. It was hard, I didn't know what to think. It
             was scary.

Two months after being diagnosed with CLL Shaun received some news.

Drum roll please...

Shaun was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

At the end of June 2009, Shaun got the big news that not only did he have cancer but he now has Type II Diabetes.

YouTime: This is some hard stuff to take in, how were 
                 you feeling after hearing the news?
Shaun: This felt like two really big hits. 

YouTime: It sounds unbelievably tough. What kind 
                of thoughts were you having about the quality 
                of life you may now have to live with? 
Shaun: I honestly just kept thinking, "Shaun, you will be shooting 
             insulin into your stomach for the rest of your life".


Using the K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid) model from the previous blog (if you didn't read it, DO IT!!)

I want to take a step backwards.
We do not need to discuss the complexities of what causes different types of cancers and type II diabetes. Although, if you wish to know the answer...I strongly encourage you to read "The China Study" or watch "Forks Over Knives".
The problem is clear and the solution is clearer.

What we need to do now is ask a simple question...

Given the situation that Shaun is currently in,


Shaun decided to work with YouTime Coaching to take charge and control of the challenges he was presented with. 


If the results you see interest you and make you start wondering what you take control of in your life, contact me for a FREE Consultation!


Myra Wolf said...

I know what hearing those words feels like. My Mom was listening to those words, as I just home to visit her.
I jumped into action, calling Fox Chase to get an expert in cancer to see her. Everything happened quickly,
emotions ran to extremes and a simple little life got thrown into a tidal wave of fear. My Mom was an older lady and always healthy until then. I know if she would have agreed to going through this initial event, it may have relived her from some of the anger she felt at the time.
I think as her daughter and the huge toll it took on me emotionally, I would have greatly benefited from it. It would have helped me to stay stronger, longer for her.
I am so happy to hear this young man has reached out to you. I know your commitment level in helping people and I know he can trust in that. That in itself is huge when your life has taken a hit.

Myra Wolf said...

PS: Do you offer services for auto correct trauma? :)

Unknown said...

I remember when Grandmom went through that. She had a lot of good support throughout that whole period of time in her life!

Myra Wolf said...

When you do a post about the fight or flight reactions people may face when physically I'll...:)..grandma could be a great case study for that one..:):).