Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Is Recommended

 What factors need to be in alignment for somebody to make a good decision for themselves

This link could possibly, in the most easiest way possible, align those factors intantly.

The Best Advice
Martha Stewart Ever Received

Where do you get your advice from? Most people get advice everyday and never choose to use it. Well, these well known millionaires used the advice others gave them and look at the outcome.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Train Your Brain

Everyone is faced with making multiple decisions each and every day. Some of these decisions hold high importance to the outcome of our day, week, month, or even life. While on the other hand, most decisions will have little to no impact on such things.

Or could they?

While the big decisions can have a lasting impact so can the smaller ones. It all comes down to whether or not you have programmed your mind in the correct way. 

Watch the video below to find out how to program your mind for successful decisions, reactions, and outcomes.

Were you programmed for success before watching this video? 

Share in the comments below how you have used this method to train you brain for success!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Is a Penny Worthless?

If you were to be walking along the sidewalk and saw a penny, would you pick it up?

Is the value of the penny enough for you to stop in your tracks, reach down, and grab it? 

What if it was a heads-up? 

Maybe it would be worth it then. 

A single penny is virtually worthless and cost more to manufacture then it's face value. 
So what is this copper and zinc alloy truly worth?

 I will share with you a truly remarkable story to help answer this question.

The Tall Tale of Bipsy the Dog

Bipsy was brought into this world December 1st, 2012 by an abandoned and neglected pregnant mother roaming the streets of Louisiana. She is one of five puppies brought up to New England by the Great Dog Rescue. 

On January 25, 2013 Bipsy became part of Kate's and my life. A cute, cuddly, mix breed that we couldn't quite figure out. We started house breaking, food schedules, buying pee pads, walks, and all the other fun activities associated with raising a puppy (more like a human baby). What most people know is that puppies, like babies, become extremely curious. 

Bipsy was finishing up a weekend adventure at Kate's parents house, where she was able to run around and enjoy the outdoors (not that easy in Boston). 

When Kate went to pick up Bipsy her parent's said, 
"Bipsy may or may not of swallowed a penny, 
just keep an eye out".  

When Bipsy returned back to the North End in Boston, she resumed her normal routines of acting hyper, sleeping, going to the bathroom, sleeping, acting hyper, and more sleeping. Only this time she added in an additional piece, massive amounts scratching. This caught my eye and I decided the next day to bring her to the Vet

When we went in to see the Veterinarian, she wasn't too worried about the itching and prescribe some Benadryl. I wasn't going to mention the penny, but I did.

"Oh by the way, she may have swallowed a penny."

The Vet responded with, "Now that worries me, the thing about pennies are that they contain zinc and zinc is toxic. We need to do an xray."


As I return back to the Dr.'s office, the vet confirms that Bipsy indeed swallowed a penny.

The Vet lays out the next set of steps

1. Induced Vomiting to get the penny out
If that doesn't work,
2. Endoscopy
If that doesn't work,
3. Stomach Surgery

They induced vomiting...
No penny.

$37 for vomiting? Where do they come up with these prices?

They completed the Endoscopy...

No penny.

They completed surgery,

The aftermath...


Being a Life Coach, it was absolutely necessary for me to find the meaning and take home message from this. During a long drive to see a client, I tried to wrap my mind around the concepts of  
value, silver linings, luck, and beliefs  

I realized the major lesson in this is,
(besides having puppy insurance)

Many individual's undervalue their abilities, skills, and strengths. You tend to designate these qualities as "useless" and never utilize some of the most powerful tools you have to offer. 

I challenge you to complete a skills and strengths inventory on yourself. Take the information you now have and explore what other settings or environments those skills would be most valuable in.

Explore your value, discover your value, maximize your value.

Bipsy the Wonderdog



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Science of an Argument

The Resolution and Aftermath of a Fight

         Since conflict is a normal occurrence within a relationship, you will definitely be faced the challenge of how to handle it. Some people choose to avoid, yell, abuse, instigate, or regulate. While each of these serve their purpose, they will not help in strengthening your relationships with those around you.

Don't forget that we are all human and each have needs.
Remember this handy diagram?

Simple Breakdown:
Your job in a relationship is to meet the needs of your partner, while your partner's job is to likewise meet yours. When somebody perceives this not to be happening, there is conflict.

Simple answer, 
1. Figure out what needs aren't being met
2. Acknowledge and affirm that your partner feels this way
3. Communicate openly about how to meet the needs in the future 

With this, conflict is most likely resolved. 

Keys to a Successful Resolution and Aftermath:

The resolution and aftermath are contingent on a few ingredients. During "The Fight" try the following to help ensure a clean end to the conflict.

1. Timeouts: It is fair game to take a timeout and remove yourself 
                     from the conflict, BUT, you must explain why you 
                     need a timeout AND communicate that this is an
                     important conversation that you wish to be 
                     continued and simply need a couple mins to level out.  

2. Focus: Are you focusing on yourself? If so, remember your role
                 in a relationship, to meet the needs of your PARTNER. Take
                 a moment to focus on them and do your job to meet their
                 needs, while the "Law of Reciprocity" works for you.  

3. Gain: When conflict arises individuals typically jump into fight
              or flight mode and try to save themselves. Take a step back
              and ask yourself, "What am I gaining from this" and "How
              will this make my relationship stronger?" After answering 
              both these questions you will have a better gauge 
              as to whether you should be arguing in the first place!  

Enjoy using the principles from Part I, II, and III of  
"The Science of an Argument"