Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Rules of Life: According to the Bonnaroo Music Festival

The basic building blocks of your life's journey and the decisions you make are your beliefs and the code you live by. For some, religion may provide these pieces. For others, past life experiences could contribute. Our belief system is dynamic and is pieced together from a wide array of sources.

After attending for the second time the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014, I decided on reading their "Code and Terms" in the festival info section. This is where I realized two things. First, these "codes" are meant for everybody, everywhere, at any time. Second, I saw this "code" actually be put into effect and the result was 90,000-100,000 people in one area for 4 days maintaining peace.

Now I present to you, "The Rules of Life: According to the Bonnaroo Music Festival"


Bonnaroo Meaning: Pack the right stuff for the blazing Tennessee sun and four days of no showering. 

Life MeaningOne thing that makes humans unique is their ability to project into the future, to predict outcomes and prepare themselves. Unfortunately, we are not always accurate and can not always predict what life will bring our way. It has a funny way of throwing curve balls and wrenches at us sometimes. 

Make sure you are equipped with effective coping mechanisms, support, and resources to battle even the hardest of life's challenges. 


Bonnaroo Meaning: There is going to be so many friggin people here, just help each other out and all will be good. 

Life Meaning: Whether you like it or not, we all need some help sometimes. Lend a hand and support those around you, others will see and want to help back. Most of the time, people appreciate at least an offer to help let alone an actual helping hand. This could mean helping your partner out or a complete stranger. Either way, be the example of what a good teammate is. 


Bonnaroo Meaning: You are pretty much on vacation. Listen to awesome music, eat, hang out and be merry. 

Life Meaning: Ever heard of "Debbie Downer"? Negativity is infectious, well so is positivity. Don't just simply feel positive, radiate it so others will see. Research shows that positive emotions and events add to your happiness. Be pro-active in your positivity. Radiate the hell out of it.


Bonnaroo Meaning: Don't throw trash on the ground, nobody wants to be sitting in your garbage. Use one of the hundreds of recycling, compost, and trash can around you. 

Life Meaning: Respect your environment. This doesn't simply mean to recycle, throw your trash in a can, or be more green, it also means to respect your own home, room, and body. Eat healthy, exercise, and keep your personal spaces clean. A clean body and clean home is a happy person!


Bonnaroo Meaning: There are plenty of things to complain about. The heat, your legs hurting from standing so long, or the lack of showering at the festival. Don't bring down your own positive vibe along with your friends.

Life Meaning: Life has challenging moments and we ALL experience them. Even when things are less then optimal, keep in mind that your mindset and emotions don't just affect you and have an impact on those around you. Remember to search for the positive in all that is thrown your way and to radiate positivity.


Bonnaroo Meaning: When at Bonnaroo, everybody gets a long and thoroughly enjoys themselves. The problem is that Bonnaroo lasts only 4 days and your life continues afterwards. Implement the positive things you learned at Bonnaroo into your  everyday life.

Life Meaning: Don't radiate positivity for one day. Don't lend a helping hand one time. Don't find the positive in one circumstance. Don't treat your body and space with respect 1 day out of the week. Implement these strategies as frequently as possible and create your new normal!

If this code of ethics can get almost 100,000 people to be peaceful and happy for four days, I believe it can work for you. 

Examine your current lifestyle and see which "Rule of Life" you could afford to implement more frequently. Share your experience on YouTime Coaching's Facebook page --> YouTime's FB Page

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