Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Swish Away Your Negative Thoughts

Whether you are good or bad at if, we ALL visualize things before doing it. Just like we all have that pesky inner voice and dialogue that never seems to mute itself. I want to present you with a technique I have used with many clients and myself that is a powerful way to redirect your negative thoughts, feelings, and mind-states.

Humans are condition to "see this" and then "feel this". That is more then acceptable when what your seeing and thinking is positive. We all know this is frequently not the case. 

Use the "Swish Technique" video and step by step visual instructions to redirect that negative thinking and regain some positive control back in your life. 


Step 1: Empty Movie Theatre
Imagine you are sitting in an empty movie theatre with 
a blank movie screen in front of you. 

Step 2: Create a Negative Picture "A"
Create an image that creates negative emotions and 
thoughts such as, anxiety and fear.
Step 3: Create a Positive Picture "B"
Create an image that creates very clear positive emotions and thoughts such as, confidence, happiness, and excitement.
Step 4: Put Negative Picture "A" Up With a Small Positive Picture "B"With picture "A" back up on the screen, make picture "b" the size of a postage stamp and place it down in the corner of the movie screen. You know what this small picture contain, although you may not be able to see all the details while it is this small.

Step 5: Count Down 3-2-1 and 
Make a Loud SWISHHH!
With picture "A" on the screen and the small picture "B" in the lower corner you will count down from 3 to 1 and at 1 you will make a loud "swishhh" sound. During that "swishhh" sound you will take the small picture "B" and blow it up to take over the entire screen. You now no longer can see negative picture "A" and can only see positive picture "B".
Step 6: Look At Positive Picture "B" and State the Positive Emotions You Feel Seeing It
Now that positive picture "B" is on the big screen, take it in and feel the positivity. Ask yourself, "How do I feel seeing this positive picture". Really try and associate the positive emotions and thoughts with the picture.
Step 7: Clear Your Mind and Repeat
Congratulations on completing round one! Now clear your mind by standing up, counting, clapping your hands, and doing what's necessary to clear that noggin of yours. You are going to repeat this entire process 7-8x. 

That's it! Use this technique to redirect your thoughts and recondition your responses to particular circumstances and environments. 


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