Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feedback on "The Blame Game"

The type of person another individual tends to attract is a product of a few different factors. Primarily, how we perceive and value ourselves has a direct influence on how we choose our mates. If you have a low self-image, do you honestly believe you are going to end up with prince charming, or are you more likely to settle for something less appealing. Lets use these two examples:

Female "A" is a very upbeat, social butterfly who likes to go out on weekends rather than stay in and watch a movie or read a book. She tends to always be the girl, with the cowgirl hat on, sitting upon the bar serving shots of tequila out of her belly button. She occasionally brings home a guy from the bar rather than simply making out with them for the whole bar to see. At the beginning of the night she resembles a poster girl for beauty and pizazz, but by the end she is the train-wreck we are all staring at trying to stay on her own two feet.

Some questions to think about:

Does this girl look like she deserves to be treated with the utmost respect?
Does this girl look like she treats herself with the utmost respect?
Would you wish to get in a relationship with this type of girl?

Now onto the other girl...
Female "B" works as a nurse at a local hospital. She loves helping others out but still feels as though this is not enough and would like to volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen. Occasionally, she goes out after her shifts with some co-workers for a few drinks, but nothing too intoxicating. She favors the shy side when it comes to the opposite sex and does not usually accept drinks from random guys. 

Now the questions...

Does this girl seem to respect herself?
Do you believe she deserves to be respected?
Is this a girl you would like to date?

Point being, the amount of respect you show yourself will correlate with the amount of respect a stranger, regardless of sex, will show to you. So do yourself a favor and begin respecting yourself. Highlight your strong qualities and flaws, and instead of trying to improve your flaws, attempt to enhance your positive qualities.

Once you begin to feel better about yourself, others will follow. 

If you are one of those individuals who have trouble finding your strengths and seem to recall your downfalls or weaknesses better, contact YouTime Coaching to help create a plan to increase your confidence, self-image, and find activities that bring happiness in your life.

Watch this video that will motivate all of you!

This video features Nick Vujicic, an individual who without medical explanation entered the world with no arms or legs. He was born in Brisbane, Australia and made the challenging move to California and is now accomplishing so much. He is the President of an international non-profit organization known as "Life Without Limbs".

Check his website out to find out more about his amazing story.


Anonymous said...

I think girl A, starts out right --- looking for fun and being confident, but then goes down hill. Letting men use your body as a shot glass and being carried out of bars is not her respecting herself. While it's not bad to let go sometimes, if it becomes a habit, it can be very unhealthy. Girl B, on the other hand does seem to respect herself. She works hard and does good things, doesn't over indulge in substances, and keeps herself safe when it comes to accepting drinks from strangers. Although she is shy and thats who she is, she should also not be afraid to show how great she is.

Oh and love the video! talking about a strong person to learn so much from!

Lindsay Wolf said...

Love this Jon, and what an amazing video. So inspiring!

Myra Wolf said...

I think the two examples are really good and the video..well there are no words.
There is show coming on..I think the name of it is "Who Did I Marry"...and it was previewed on the Today show. It talked about the covering up of who someone is to "get the other person". The expert said the cover up could go on for years until the true person emerges...and warning signs can be expertly covered up too. So a person doesn't just one day wake up to a monster type...that person was always a monster type..just an expert at hiding it and sometimes for many years...
I guess people learn a way of getting what they want in life, including other people. Even if you are the nurse type probably need to look under the mask of anyone you meet even if it is glued on :)