Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have It the Baby Way

Ever feel the need to just scream?
Every think things are overwhelming?
Ever feel as though you aren't good enough?
Ever need somebody's help?
Ever need to just be alone.
Let it out.

Let it out!

Babies do it. Why can't you?

Let your crazy out.

My what?

Your crazy!

What is "My Crazy"?

 Crazy has many definitions, try these on for size: 

1. Intensely enthusiastic, passionately excited;
2. Very enamored or infatuated. 
3. Senseless and impractical.
Merriam-Webster defines "Crazy" 

Thank you to Merriam-Webster's dictionary for NORMALIZING the fact that we all have a little crazy in us. 

EVERYBODY, yes, everybody, has some crazy in them and I am here to tell you, IT IS OK!

Babies cry, scream, and throw temper tantrums for the following reasons:

Dirty Diaper

As adults, if we were to act like many babies do when we feel any of the symptoms above (hopefully subtracting the dirty diaper) we would be stared at, labeled, judged, and potentially rejected. 

Countless individuals hold back feelings in fear of being judged and rejected. I am here to let you in on a little secret. 
...there are ways to outwardly express these emotions without the feeling of rejection or judgement. 

We can have our inner baby way and let our crazy out!

That's much more like it!

Now lets go through all of those emotions and some helpful techniques to "let your crazy out". 

I.  Hunger
Many people get cranky when it comes to hunger. One easy solution is preparation. Prepare snacks (hopefully healthy ones) to munch on throughout the day to prevent any low blood sugar and cranky time. Try to avoid massive caloric meals, as this can cause the infamous "food coma" and take a toll on our digestive tract. This can lead to a decrease in motivation to complete your planned activities following meals (maybe hitting up the gym or getting work done).

II. Boredom
To help cure a small bout of boredom and keep it away, try creating an "interest list". You want to create a list of at least 5 things that you intrinsically enjoy doing (just for the shear pleasure of the activity). This could include reading a book, posting some new pictures on Pinterest, starting a blog, going on a walk with a friend or pet, renting a movie or going to the theater, going to a museum, calling somebody, or going for a scenic drive. When you feel boredom is approaching, visit your list and choose an activity to start. Revisit your list each time boredom strikes. NO EATING WHEN BORED! 

III. Tiredness
If you are tired often, most likely it is one of three things. Your diet, exercise routine, or sleep pattern. If you lack structure in your eating habits, contact a Nutritionist or Certified Health Coach (resource below). If you are having trouble finding motivation to exercise or simply direction once you enter the gym, ask the staff at your facility (this is what they are payed for and actually enjoy giving you their insight). Lastly, if you are waking up tired on Monday morning for work, most likely your weekend sleep pattern was a little different than the rest. Try and stay as consistent as possible throughout the entire week with wake-up and bed-times. Add a nap if necessary on the weekends.

IV. Attention   
Well this is where the crying comes in. It is okay to cry, scream, pout, and throw a tantrum, but try and schedule time for this. If you are not receiving the attention you want or need and feel as though you may "let your crazy out" soon, schedule a time to allow yourself to let it out. Many people use the car ride into work or possibly the 15 minutes you have at home before anyone else arrives. Use this time to scream into a pillow, play out a conversation that didn't go your way, yell out what you really meant to say to your co-worker. This way you get what you want (to some degree) and the individuals involved are not affected.

V. Thirst
Well this "need area" kind of gets tossed out the window when we learned how to walk and open a refrigerator. 

VI. Dirty Diaper
Visit your local Primary Care Physician. Change your diaper.

VII. Sickness
It is important that you take care of yourself! Get your annual check-ups, maintain moderate levels of physical activity, and speak with a Nutritionist or Certified Health Coach about your diet.

Need help "letting your crazy out"?
Try contacting and viewing one of the resources below to start living a healthier lifestyle!

Steven Todd Smith, Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP
Click: Hungry for Change
Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Live Healthier

Click: Forks Over Knives
Featured Film based off of "The China Study", the most influential study (still going on) ever conducted on humans, nutrition, and living.


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