Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Poorer, the Happy Get Happier, and the Sad Get Sadder

Are you programmed for success or failure?

Lets get started:

Phase 1:  

What are beliefs? 
How do we create our belief system?

Lets begin with a simple definition of the word belief. For the purpose of how we will use the word, the definition of belief is,


I hope I made it clear enough that there are three major factors in defining a belief.

1. It is a feeling
2. You are absolutely certain of this feeling
3. This feeling is true.

If you were to tell me that you believe you could of run in the Boston Marathon this past Monday, than you are saying, "I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I COULD RUN IN THE MARATHON". 

I would say, good luck against those Kenyans.

 Now, what do beliefs have to do with success or failure?

Phase 2:

Take out a pen, pencil, or marker and draw this diagram. 

Case 1: Potential & Results
Lets start in the top right hand corner.

Do human beings have a lot of potential?
YES!! Humans are capable of incredible things.

Do human beings live up to their potential, giving us equally as incredible results?
NO! Don't get me wrong humans do amazing things, but, as a whole, humans are capable of doing a lot more for themselves, others, and the environment that they live in.

...So based off of the diagram above, what is the culprit for having

You got it! There is not enough ACTION.

Case 2: Action & Results

So we need some more action to achieve great results, right?

Not necessarily. 

Imagine I ask you to go around your neighborhood to 100 homes, knock on their doors, and try to sell them a new diet pill by saying, 
"Hey Buddy, buy this pill from me".

I BELIEVE, a vast majority would decline purchasing.

This proves that HIGH ACTION does not always yield HIGH RESULTS.

Case 3: Belief

Relationship Example:
Your friends tell you that they have someone that would be perfect for you. So you get set up on a date, but with a group of people (feels a little more safe). When you look at the man or woman that you are supposed to be set up with, you realize, holy shit they are gorgeous. 

Suddenly...The feeling in the pit of your stomach. It is telling you, "I am not as good looking as them, they probably won't go for me. A guy/girl like that only go for good-looking people, I've got no chance."

With this BELIEF (revisit the definition up top), are you going to be at a "high potential" to get the guy/girl you are suppose to be set-up with? 


With this belief in addition to low potential, do you believe you are going to pursue this as much as possible?


Why would you pursue something you know will not work and is a waste of time. 

+ LITTLE ACTION = ?????????


Phase 3: 
Take the mindset of someone that is rich, poor, happy, or sad and you can easily see why this cycle can serve as being a breading ground for success or failure.
This is why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the happy get happier, and the sad get sadder!

It all comes down to our beliefs. What we feel is absolutely true.

Am I confident? 
Am I good enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I good looking enough?


Changing your attitude and belief about these concepts, will drastically change our cycle and results!

Make this your focus. 
Revisit your beliefs today and see what you can change.

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