Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For 96 Hours I Witnessed Something Amazing

In about a month I will embark on a half-day road trip down to Manchester, Tennessee for round two of one of the world's biggest music festivals. It ranks as "#3 Most Eye-Opening Thing I've Ever Experienced" and once again will be with Kate (my fiancĂ©), Whitney (my younger sister), and Scott (her boyfriend).

I wanted to share my previous experience with you once again!

Here you go!

If you gather together 100,000 people from all over the country and put them in a single location with access to alcohol and drugs, how much violence would occur?

From June 7-10th 2012 I witnessed something amazing.

On June 6th, I took the 15 hour journey down to Manchester, Tennessee with my girlfriend (now fiancĂ©), little sister, 
and her boyfriend 

Beautiful off highway scenery in Tennessee!

You may be asking, why would anyone ever go to Manchester, Tennessee? Simple... Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Center Roo Entrance
Bonnaroo Ferris Wheel

This festival features some of the top music artists of our time, of all time, and the future coming.With this being said, the festival drives 100,000 people to Manchester, Tennessee each year to check out some unbelievable music, eat some tasty food, and let loose. 

So back to the original question. With this many people, personalities, and ingredients for disaster, how much violence and fighting do you believe could exist at Bonnaroo?

To put it in perspective...

After seeing those pictures, you will probably never allow your child to go to a concert again!

Unless, you were able to experience what I did from June 7-10th. 

I witnessed 100,000 people over 4 entire days live together 

"After day two I had realized something was different, and it struck me. Everybody is getting along, making friends, and helping each other out."

How is this possible?

Research shows that the relationship between humans, drugs, and violence looks typically follows this pattern,

More People = More Cases of Violence
Alcohol = More Cases of Violence
Drugs = More Cases of Violence
People, Alcohol, and Drugs = Lots of Cases Violence  
*I must make a disclaimer and say that there is a group known as "Soberoo", who are music fans that maintain sobriety at Bonnaroo alongside many other individuals that do not use alcohol or illicit drugs while at the festival. 

One of the dominating factors for this festival remaining peaceful is the human need and desire for connection

We all wish to be unique, important, noticed, part of something larger, and/or involved in a community. This is the perfect opportunity for individuals to fulfill this need. The common connection between every individual there was their enjoyment of music. Individuals pay the $300+ price tag to experience some of the greatest music this country and world has to offer, not to fight. There is no volatile contested terrain.

A world where we can connect with other humans, be present for the same reasons, and enjoy being around others? 
Sounds like a Utopia to me.


My challenge to you, 
When an opportunity presents itself to connect with another individual over something you have in common, take it. Start with less threatening and vulnerable dialogue and build on from there. 

If 100,000 people in Tennessee can do it for 96 hours straight, I have confidence you will be able to as well.

Setting up camp!

The line to get into Centeroo

Inside Centeroo

"The Fun Bunch"

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Unknown said...

I think this is a great post Jon! And I can certainly attest to the fact that we all were amazed at how a festival with sooo many people, from so many walks of life could really all get along and maintain a peaceful environment for 96 hours. It was inspiring, so is this blog post :)

Lindsay Wolf said...

Jon - every day, you inspire me more and more to live my best life. I only wish I had been there with you! Thank you for this post today, Jon. xo