Friday, November 15, 2013

The Rich Kid Has Problems Too

If your child experiences poverty before the age of 5 research shows that there are serious negative outcomes that will most likely be coming their way. These negative affects could results in:

  1. Protracted Stress (long-term)
  2. Behavioral Issues (conduct disorder, anger regulation issues, getting into fights...etc)
  3. Social Problems (social anxiety, body image issues, giving into peer pressure, bullying...etc)
  4. Emotional Problems (depression, anxiety...etc)

Does this mean that American's are forced to make more money in order to ensure that their child will grow up to be "normal". The short answer, NOPE. I am afraid to say ladies and gentlemen but, 
Before getting into this next section I would like to take a second to say that the facts, findings, research, and opinions expressed are not to minimize or criticize any individual's parenting. The following is used to serve as a platform for discussion and questioning on this very important topic. Parenting is an extremely arduous process and by no means has anybody perfected it. I applaud parents that try their best with what they are given and can ask for help when necessary. I hope these findings allow you to ask the important questions to help your family, friends family, and children. 

Recent research is showing significant increases in the social, emotional, and behavioral disturbances of the children that come from affluent families. Kids that come from families that make $150,000+ (over 2x the national average), have parents in high-status careers, attend the most prestigious schools, and have well-educated parents are at risk now too.

Some of the findings of this research shows that kids coming from affluent families are at risk for:
  1. Substance abuse (high alcohol use, binge-drinking, marijuana use, and other hard drugs)
  2. Delinquency from school 
  3. Wide-spread cheating
  4. Stealing from parents or peers
  5. Maladjustment in school and social environments

A common misconception amongst affluent parents, and this is reinforced my many sources of media, is that money and education will prevent these events from happening or even solve them.

"If facts alone were enough to change an individual's behavior long-term, then there would be no overeating, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, or drug use. There needs to be more then just the facts."


I want your opinion.

Share your thoughts below as to why children coming from affluent families may be experiencing more depression, anxiety, social problems, and substance abuse issues then before.

Some questions to think about:
  • Why is this happening to kids coming from affluent families?
  • Why is the magic school year 7th grade for most of these issues to present themselves? 
  • Are you experiencing these issues? If so, how has the experience affected your family and what words can you offer others?

In the next blog, I will share with you the findings of some on-going research that breaks down why this may be happening and how to fix it.

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