Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Life Lessons I Learned From My Wedding Day

What turns out to be one of, if not the most, important days of your life....YOUR WEDDING!

For decades the "traditional wedding" has seem to be a thing of the past. Sure you have old traditions at your wedding but wedding counts exceeding 200 people, costs of $30,000+, ceremonies held outside of churches and synagogues, and new traditions that newlyweds want to establish for themselves for the first time simply show us that weddings are different these days.

One thing that hasn't changed over time (for most people), is that your wedding day is a learning experience. I want to share what I learned on my wedding day at Sakonnet Vineyards in Little Compton Rhode Island on August 9th, 2014.

3 Life Lessons From My Wedding

1. Take a Moment for Yourself.

Life gets pretty crazy at points. Our world can sometimes consist of our own expectations, external expectations, procrastination, multitasking, and so on. 

When do you get a moment to slow down, savor the moment, be present and mindful, and witness what is going on around you? The answer is, you need to create this moment for yourself. A moment to yourself and in such a small amount of time (even a couple minutes), is enough to help you shift your focus, improve your mood, and become more mindful. 

On Kate and my wedding day, during our first dance we were in our own bubble. My younger sister and her boyfriend sang our first song (January Wedding by The Avett Brothers, changed to "August Wedding" -- Check her out Whitney Wolf Music). We heard it, but saw no one around, it was just us. My appreciation for the day drastically went up at that very moment.

2. Express Yourself

We are human and are driven by emotions. The reality is, some emotions are easier to express than others. This means a couple things. First, find another source to express through such as, painting, music, writing...etc. Second, you deserve to express your emotions... intelligently. 

Check out this site on Emotional Intelligence --> What is Emotional Intelligence?

On my wedding day, I was excited, anxious, and so unbelievably happy. I made it a point to express all of those that day in their own respective ways. I believe this picture is a culmination of all three of those emotions coming out!

3. Be Part of Something Bigger

On August 9th of this year I became part of something bigger, an extended family that I truly have felt a part of for the past 5 years. To put it lightly...it felt good. 

One undeniable human need in this world is for "connection/love". We desire to connect/love others and be connected/loved by others. One thing that most people look over is that our need for connection and love can be partially met and enhanced through being connected to other things like our environment, our health, the food we eat, and many more venues.

Find new sources in your life of connection and love to enhance your own experiences and meet your own needs.


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