Thursday, September 11, 2014

You Have a Secret Power

Why do adults love being around children? 
Do they have special powers, are we naturally drawn to them, or do they uncover a piece of us that wishes we could be just as 
happy as they are?

One thing is for sure, they smile and they do it a lot. When you compare it to their older counterparts, adults, there is no comparison. Whether the numbers are spot on or off by a bit, the jury is no longer out, kids laugh and smile far more than adults. 

The good news is that you have access to this super power as well. Some things you should know about smiling before moving forward, so that you can really get an idea of the power of your smiles. 


  1.  ONE SMILE = 2,000 Bars of Chocolate
    • Research shows that one genuine smile produces the same amount of brain activity as eating 2,000 bars of chocolate.
  2.  ONE SMILE = $25,000
    • British researchers found that one smile provide the same amount of brain stimulation as receiving $25,000. 
   3.  We smile before being born.
    • 3D Ultrasound technology is able to show that developing babies actually smile in the womb!

Now that we know the power of smiling, lets look at the smiling cycle and how smiling impacts us as well as other people. 

1. You Smile: Just Because

2. You Look Good and Feel Good: Brain imaging and EEG shows that "feel good" hormones are released as a reaction to you smiling. It makes you feel better and more confident. 

3. Others See You Smile: When others see you smile, neurons known as "Mirror Neurons" encourage you to feel the same emotion that is in front of you, HAPPY! (check them out! "The Mind's Mirror" American Psychological Association

4. They Mimic You and Smile: The same way that yawning seems to be contagious, smiles are as well. You see someone smile and naturally you desire to as well. Those Mirror Neurons at work once again! 

5. They Look Good and Feel Good: If you look good and feel good while smiling, why can't others? Share the wealth! Those same "feel good" hormones, predominately Serotonin, are released when others smile as well.

6. You Smile: It all will feed back to you or extend onto others.  


Make sure to smile multiple times each day. Especially when feeling a little down. 

Smile for your sake and others as well. 
Your smiles impact others.

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