Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Help with "Getting In the Zone".

Regardless of what the circumstances may have been, we have all heard the saying, "get in the zone". I am going to share with you not only what this saying actually means, but help you find easier ways in your day to day life to achieve this amazing feeling and state of being.

A concept that can be applied to many areas of a person's life, such as work and hobbies, is flow. Flow refers to a psychological state in which the individual is fully engaged with the task they are doing at the moment. It is a very satisfying experience that offers many positive emotions and fulfillment. 

When a person is in flow, they are not aware of the time and they are completely immersed in whatever they are doing. A state of flow feels like a full focus on the task that is not forced, that is satisfying, productive and creative. Flow is rewarding in itself, meaning that simply experiencing the process is rewarding, regardless of results. The focus is in the moment, and it feels like performing the task is fused with awareness, as all the attention is naturally diverted to it. The person also doesn't experience self-consciousness. A clear example of flow can be seen with the artist who is lost in doing their work and forgets about the time. It's important to note that any person can achieve a state of flow.

What conditions are necessary for "Flow"?

  • The first one is that the task needs to have a clear goal and progress. For example, you want to finish the painting, solve a series of puzzles or plant flowers. 
  • The second condition is that the task needs to have feedback that helps you adjust your progress. For example, you will see how the paint you apply looks. 
  • The task also needs to have a perceived balance between being challenging enough to be interesting and to be accessible to your skills enough that you can do it without feeling too frustrated. If these conditions are met, the person can achieve flow. 

What Are the Benefits of "Flow"

  • It enhances the satisfaction a person feels with their life. 
  • It is a rewarding experience that provides a lot of positive emotions. 
  • It helps the person become more creative and find tasks that are rewarding. 
  • In the workplace or other activities, it can increase productivity and make the person strive for more, grow and develop. 

To Achieve "Flow" You Must:

  • Match your skills to the task
  • Have confidence in your abilities, avoid interruptions (turn off your phone, for instance)
  • Choose a task that provides a bit of a challenge and avoid focusing on the end goal.

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