Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Signs You May Need a Tutor

Even though the school year for many people is coming to a close, summer school is right around the corner! Yea, sorry for having to go mentioning that.

The motivation to do well in class while your mind is at the beach can put you in a position where a tutor could help for many reasons and hopefully prevent that, oh so familiar, struggle and stress.

In this blog I introduce you to Jay.

Jay is the CEO of Signet Education, a company of world class tutors, coaches, and consultants found in Cambridge, Massachusetts and New York City. He graduated from Harvard in 2005, and has taken a broad academic path that spans the sciences and humanities. Jay was also a semi-professional jazz musician (trumpet) before starting Signet Education. 

Follow Jay as he illustrates 4 signs 
that mean you may need a tutor.

“I have an exam in two days, and I am completely lost.
I need to find somebody to help me learn the material quick!”

Most students will experience this at some point in their education, and it can be hard to recognize you need help before it’s too late. If you are at this point, a tutor can help, but not nearly as much as if you had found one earlier.

To help avoid this situation, here are four warning signs that might help you recognize that it’s time to find a tutor:

1. “I’ve done everything I can, but nothing is working.”

Sometimes you put all of your time and energy into a subject, but your efforts just don’t seem to pay off. Maybe you don’t understand a fundamental concept, or maybe you need to rethink your study approach. A tutor can help you understand difficult concepts so you don’t fall behind before exam time. They can also help you refine your study technique so you’re better prepared for next time. Consider contacting a tutor several weeks before an exam so you can nail down key concepts before it’s too late. The expert perspective of your tutor can help you see your way forward quickly and effectively.

2. "Things were going so well, but now I’m struggling.”

If you were previously succeeding, but have recently seen a decline in grades or understanding, an expert tutor can help you figure out where you fell off track. Whether the drop off occurred within a single semester, or in transition to middle school, high school, college, or graduate school, a tutor can quickly assess your needs and help you move forward with confidence.

3. “I couldn’t care less about this subject.”

If this sounds like you, watch out! A dislike for the subject coupled with a challenging course load can lead to procrastination and poor performance. If you have a test or class you just can’t seem to get excited about, a dynamic tutor can help make it more exciting, or at least help you stay on track and get through the material more quickly.

4. “I’m bad at __________.”

With some patient, focused tutoring, you can remedy this all-too-common scenario. It is not unusual for to a student to go from being “bad at chemistry” to wanting to major in chemistry, all because of an inspiring and effective tutor. A tutor can quickly diagnose where you need help and give you clear strategies for overcoming your obstacles.

If you are encountering any of these issues, consider getting a tutor before it’s too late. In many cases, catching the issue early means just a few tutoring sessions will get you back on track. If you find yourself struggling, it’s never too early to contact a tutor! Some focused tutoring might save you days of frustration and anxiety in the long run.

Contact Signet Education for help HERE.

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