Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Cloud Around You

Let me introduce you to my old friend "Pig-Pen".

Pig-Pen is special in many ways but as you notice he carries a cloud of dirt around with him. No matter how hard he tries to clean himself the cloud of dirt almost magically reappears. 
It is almost as if this individual is a magnet for dirt.

Individuals, like you and me, have the magnificent ability to attract specific things into our lives. Sometimes we invite genuine new friendships and connections, while other times we attract chaotic relationships and environments to live in.
You can almost say that humans have a magnetic field for these things. 

I am going to walk you through a map I came up with. This map will help you see if you and Pig-Pen have a couple things in common.

What drives human behavior?

When your happy, ecstatic, and empowered you can accomplish amazing things at incredible speeds. At the same time, when you are sad, irritated, and aggravated an individual can cause detriment very quickly to themselves and those in their environment. Emotions drive us. It is our fuel, empowering and disempowering. 

What happens when you experience many emotions at one time?

Build-up, Suppression, and Inability to Properly Process
You all have most likely had a time in your life when you were experiencing multiple emotions at one time. Maybe at the time one emotion really stood out to you (anger, sadness...etc). Or possibly you felt confused and didn't know what to feel.

What does this put you at risk for?

"Emotional Clutter"
Emotional Clutter are the thoughts, beliefs, events, memories, experiences, and feedback that we have received or been through in the past that have not passed through us but have simply become stuck in our mind and body.

Who does this affect?
1. You
2. The individuals around you

Is the "cloud" always visible to us?
No, not at all. Ever feel like you have "processed" or "gotten past" something and one day it creeps back into your life? Well, that is simply the "cloud" rearing its invisible ugly head. 

What does it affect?
This cloud will filter and affect;
1. Everything we think about (our mental focus).
2. Everyone we meet (and the type of people we meet).
3. What we do (and what we don't do).

3 Things You Must Know About "Emotional Clutter"
1. Our "cloud" can combine with other people's clouds (others perceptions, agendas, world views).
2. Our "cloud" attracts more clutter (from friends, family, new connections, environments).
3. Our "cloud" leaves debris for others to pick up

One Opposing Force to "Emotional Clutter"
The Law of Attraction:
"Like attracts Like"
Events are attracted by you and the energy that you send out to the world, the environment you exist in, and the people around you. Individuals receive the positive or negative energy you send out. In order to oppose Pig-Pen's magnetic attraction for dirt, he must focus and manifest positive energy to getting clean. 

In human talk, take some time to really think hard about what you want, your intentions behind it, and ask for it!

2 More Techniques to Release the "Clutter"
1. Find one behavior to release
 What is one negative behavior you feel safe and secure releasing? Find one and focus on just that.

2. Focus on the process more then the outcome.
It is simple for most to identify where they would like to be in life. Sometimes requiring a little bit of thought. What many people don't realize is that the process to get their is just as, if not more important than the outcome. 

"Emotional Clutter" is made up of individual strands. Focus on the individual strands to detangle the "clutter". Maintaining focus on the entire "cloud" will become overwhelming, stress inducing, and harmful to your success. 

I think we both can see the smile on Pig-Pen's cloudless face now.

Resources for your "Emotional Clutter":

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