Sunday, February 16, 2014

Living Life Through Quotes

A good quote can motivate somebody to try something new, persist through tough times, or make necessary changes in their life. Quotes are so powerful because they embody an entire mindset, image, story, and lifestyle within one single sentence.

In my perspective, what makes a quote set itself apart is if it actually motivates you to take action with your life simply by the burning desire it ignited in you. Sounds powerful and somewhat unbelievable, huh? It happens and it will right now.

Following the quotes below will include a very small and incredibly manageable exercise to complete. Do this and consider you day a success.

Dreams, Motivation, Schedule, Goals

Exercise: Since scheduling makes it real, lets schedule! Think about something that you enjoy doing,  that is positive for you, or brings you great vibes and schedule it for the very near future. Set this in your calendar, with as many reminds as possible, and lets make this real!

Consistent, Constant, Commitment, Dreams, Regret, Simplistic

Exercise: Keep it simple stupid. What we are constant and consistent with, as simple as it sounds, is what makes the real difference. Choose something right now, that is once again extremely manageable and positive (requires minimal time, minimal resources, and minimal excuses) and agree to do it every day for 30 days. Some people may choose taking one deep breath a day, drinking a glass of water in the morning, or saying hello to one stranger. 
Whatever you choose, stay consistent and constant.


Exercise: For this exercise, I want you to do two things.
First, write down something you love doing.
Second, write down something you could do with more love. 

Being wrong, life, creativity

Exercise: Wrong? Never! For this exercise I want you to write down or state out loud something that you have been wrong about. After all, we all have been wrong at some point in our life. 

Expectations, Appreciation, happiness

Exercise: If you don't appreciate what life has offered you, you begin to take it for granted. Write down 5 things that you appreciate in your life (if you have more then 5 keep the list going!).

Congratulations! If you followed the exercises then you have had one successful day.

Take this message with you,

Live your life by continuing to grow through your actions, being consistent, appreciating everything, not fearing being wrong, and most of all, live your life with love.

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